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FIMO® Modelling Paste

Whether at school, as a hobby or in handicrafts, FIMO is undoubtedly one of the best-known and best-loved modelling pastes. As the material is easy to mould, it can be worked in a variety of ways. Even after solidification, it can be sanded, drilled, polished or painted with our paints. The various types of FIMO are ideal for children, hobbyists and professional users who make figures, sculptures, puppets, jewellery and decorative objects. You can find FIMO in single packs as well as in sets with assorted bright colours and also with numerous eye-catching effects. In addition, we offer a wide range of practical accessories and tools with which you can easily work and decorate modelling dough.


Do you enjoy working with modelling dough and want your work to have that extra touch? With FIMO accessories such as jewellery accessories, modelling tools, moulds and metal leaves or surface treatment paints, you can easily create precise shapes, striking surfaces and original details. Discover the many possibilities offered by STAEDTLER FIMO accessories now!

FIMO is an easily mouldable, thermosetting synthetic paste

How should FIMO be stored?

The FIMOair paste, which solidifies in the air, should be closed in a glass jar with a screw cap so that it is airtight, adding two to three sprays of water. On the contrary, the ThermoCuring FIMO should not be stored airtight, but protected from dust and protected from sun and heat at room temperature. We recommend storing the paste in a cool, dry place wrapped, in addition to its own wrapping, in cling film or in PVC-free polyethylene bags. Contact with polystyrene, PVC and expanded polystyrene should be avoided.

Do I need special accessories to work with FIMO?

When working with FIMO, the imagination has no limits. This popular modelling paste offers numerous possibilities for use. Your creativity can be expressed to the full with the right FIMO Accessoires. The practical accessories in our shop have been specially developed to meet the needs of all FIMO users.

  • You will find among others:
  • Modelling tools (blades, cutter, acrylic roller, and much more)
  • Jewellery accessories (needles for piercing beads, etc.)
  • Moulds (stencils, themed moulds, etc.)
  • Surface treatment accessories (metal foil, various paints, sanding sponges, and much more)
  • With our large assortment of practical FIMO accessories for every area of use, you will be well equipped for your creativity-rich FIMO projects. You will be able to create colourful figures, impressive decorations and jewellery, and many small works of art in no time at all.